going through divorce

What Does New Mexico’s Law Say About Alimony Payments?

New Mexico’s law on awarding alimony will depend on the divorcing couple’s situation, including specific circumstances such as the length of the marriage. A court generally grants long-term alimony to a cer...

Man working with steel

Debunking Myths about Steel and Steel Structures

Although more construction projects are embracing steel as a building material, it is not surprising to learn that some contractors are still conservative. Nonetheless, you cannot ignore the fact that some of t...


Instances That Necessitate Automated Monitoring of Loading Systems

Technology is playing a central role in shaping the world of shipping goods. One of the technological advancements is the monitoring of container loading. Container loading precedes other procedures in shipping...

Disc Jockey at the Turntable

The Straightforward Guide to Throwing a Music Festival–Themed Party

Music festivals are a hot trend in the last decade, with over 800 festivals being held every year. But there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to go to even one of them because it won’t be realistic,...

Senior Memory Care

3 Tips to Improve Memory in Old Age

It’s normal to forget where you placed your keys or wallet. However, it can be frightening if you keep getting such memory lapses frequently, especially in old age. At this point, you may be asking yourse...

Indoor Sun Ray

Not Yet Safe: Sun Damage Happens Even While Indoors

You’re probably well aware of the health risks associated with the sun’s UV rays when you go outside. What you don’t know is that the risk from sun damage continues even while indoors. Sun Damage Indoors ...

Child Custody and Gavel

3 Important Things You Should Discuss with Your Child Support Lawyer 

Child custody and support are among the most controversial topics in family law. The process can be complicated. With the complexity of legal procedures, and not to mention the sudden change of dynamics to the...

Scissors and other hairdressing equipments

Different Scissors Types for Different Techniques

The scissors are to a hairdresser as a knife is to a butcher. The secret to creating beautiful haircuts is in the tool. And if you want to choose the best tool that will accompany you through many beautiful hai...