Dominating the Search Results: The Basics of Reputation Management

No company wants to lose money or worse, end up bankrupt. Most companies have one goal today: to be number one in search results. From social media to your blog posts, your More »

3 Components of an Effective Security Program

Effective security plays an important role in the overall success of your business. It ensures the continuity of your operations and promotes peace of mind among employees and customers. Developing a security More »

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Guide to Storefront Signage in New York City

custom signs

One of the most efficient ways to attract customers and draw attention to your business is to set up custom NYC storefronts signs. An effective signage considers the point of view of the pedestrian and the scale of the building. Adding signs, however, isn’t as simple as choosing a design that matches your business logo or branding. In New York City, you need to understand district regulations and rules on decorating storefronts. Any mistakes can lead to sanctions and costly penalty fees.

custom signs

Types of Signage

In New York, you’ll find a range of custom NYC signs and awnings. Depending on your requirements, business experts, including the NYC Government, Valle Signs & Awnings Inc., and recommend choosing a sign that benefits both your business and customers.

Here are some of them:

  • Painted Glass
  • Painted Plywood Sign
  • Punched Metal Signboard
  • Metal Lettering and Logo
  • Metal Signband

District Restrictions

Before planning a design, you need to know which district your business belongs to. Districts C1 and C2 prohibit signs higher than twenty-five feet above the level of the curb while district C4 stretches this limit to forty feet. Businesses in C1 and C2 districts can’t extend their signs into the residential section of a mixed-use building. Furthermore, the overall square footage of the sign shouldn’t be greater than 150 square feet. It also shouldn’t be more than thrice the size of the street frontage of the establishment on the ground floor. C4 district, on the other hand, limits the total size of signage to no greater than 500 square feet.

Building Code

When setting up signs, marquees, awnings, and flagpoles, you need to get permits from the Department of Buildings, unless the signage is smaller than six square feet. You also don’t need a permit when you’re just going to paint the sign on the building directly. For illuminated signage, make sure you’re not placing them in restricted areas. Additionally, you can’t set up a ground sign that goes over the street line.

Let your business stand out with creative and effective signs. When you don’t know the right signage to use, think about consulting experts who can make sure your signs conform with city rules.

Dominating the Search Results: The Basics of Reputation Management

web browser

No company wants to lose money or worse, end up bankrupt. Most companies have one goal today: to be number one in search results. From social media to your blog posts, your reputation online can influence customer loyalty. Many companies today invest their money, time, and effort on boosting corporate brand.

web browser

Managing your business’ reputation online is difficult, however, as you can’t please everyone. This doesn’t mean you should stop learning how to handle false claims. Negative feedback can have a significant impact on brands that take a few years to build. This means it pays to protect that brand.

Controlling your online presence

One way to monitor your business’ image is to optimise your presence. If you’re not sure about your efforts, hire the services of an SEO company specialising in brand and reputation management. Look for a reliable company with the right knowledge to respond in certain situations. You can be in control of your online presence. Doing this can strengthen your positive image and provide facts.

According to industry expert SEO Services Australia, more than 64% of people read reviews and news online. There will always be someone that will find negative about your business. Many companies have already experienced that. To protect your brand visibility, SEO companies offering brand services can help.

Knowing what people say about you

Although this could be tedious, knowing what people are saying about your business can help you determine who to approach for a positive feedback. Most companies today have taken this step to help prevent false claims from spreading.

A negative comment often is not the end of your business. What really matters is you should make sure to encourage your clients to share their good experience with your business. After all, the reputation of your business can benefit from positive comments.

Can Glass Partitions Make Your Employees Happier?

empty office space

An office should not just be a place to work; it should also be a place where employees can have fun and be comfortable. An organised, efficient work environment pays off whether you’re running a start-up or a huge company. If you’re currently working in an outdated office, there are some things you can do to update the area with modern designs. One of the best options to choose is installing glass partitions in the office.

empty office space

Office renovation requires flexibility and creativity; it would be best to get the services of experts specialising in commercial interiors. While glass is a costly material to use for office partitions, the many benefits it offers make it a worthwhile investment.

Timeless beauty

Glass is always stylish and lends the workplace a professional and elegant look. It can look good no matter the size of the place. Office partitioning with glass promotes a neat organized environment, as it would be hard to hide a mess behind it.

Draw the line

An office partition is the best way to separate your personal and professional life. Of course, some offices will need a little privacy. This is why glass partition is perfect for those who handle sensitive and confidential information. With frosted window vinyl, you can achieve your desired level of privacy. You can opt for a semi-private effect by installing frosted window vinyl at a certain height.

Collaborative feel

Designing workplace to encourage collaboration is a popular trend today. If you want to inspire your employees to work together, the answer might be just in your wall. Open plan design is great, as it gives the place an open, collaborative feel. It removes the feeling of isolation.

Office partitions are not just there to improve the productivity of your employees, help them to concentrate more, and stay focused without any distractions. Sometimes, it does make a difference that the boss is just behind the glass wall. If you know what I’m saying.

Taking Good Family Shots with Your Kids

Family photo

Want a picture perfect family portrait, but can’t because your toddler likes to move around? It’s difficult to take good pictures when your kids can’t sit still. Their attention span isn’t as long as adults are, so you have to find ways to solve this.

Here’s a short guide that might help:

Family photo

  1. Find a family photography studio. Professional photographers know how to take good shots regardless of the situation and their subjects. Schedule your photo session around late afternoon. Let your toddlers play beforehand to let their energy level drop a little. This way, they can behave better during the shoot.
  2. Bring toys and use it as a distraction. Ask someone, like your relatives or the staff, to display these, while standing near the photographer. This way, the angle your toddler is looking at is near the camera lens.
  3. Give a warning before taking the shot. The camera flash can be frightening for some toddlers, and you might not get a second chance if they start throwing tantrums. Professional photographers are also aware of this, but you should still give them a heads up.

A picture perfect family portrait with your toddler is achievable if you know who to hire and what to do during the photo session. Look for professional photographers offering family photography services to achieve this.

3 Components of an Effective Security Program

security camera

Effective security plays an important role in the overall success of your business. It ensures the continuity of your operations and promotes peace of mind among employees and customers.

security camera

Developing a security program is the first step to ensuring the safety of your business. Here are the components of an effective policy:

Competent Security Officers

You’ll need the services of competent and well-trained security guards to protect your business from any threat of burglary and other crimes. You also need to partner with a security expert to help you develop a program that meets your goals and objectives.

Good Communication

Poor communication between you and your security providers opens doors to mishaps and mistakes. Make sure to address your needs clearly and keep lines of communication open. Meet once a week or talk over the phone every day to measure the effectivity of your program and bring the security of your business to the next level.

Advanced Security Systems

Invest in advanced security systems and burglar alarms to ensure the safety of your business, employees, and customers. Install CCTV cameras in the corners of your retail store to monitor possible acts of burglaries and to deter thieves. Motion detectors, glass break sensors, and alarms are all helpful in securing your business. Some providers let you control and monitor your system, helping you track employees and customers as they come and go.

Other than providing high quality products, developing an effective security program is one of the keys to ensuring the success of your business.


Fab New Kitchen Look For Less

elegant kitchen design

Anyone who loves baking, cooking, eating or just hanging out in the kitchen would probably want to redo the room now and then. We definitely want a new look for our kitchen, but it’s all a question of budget.

elegant kitchen design

Lifestyle shows, even magazines have all these charming ideas on how to redecorate the kitchen for less. We came up with 5 fast and easy updates without breaking the bank:

Fresh Paint

You can give your kitchen a new life by adding fresh paint to it. With so many shade variations, however, putting together a scheme of colour can be a challenge. When choosing a shade, you have to consider the reflective qualities of colours. To make your room look bigger than it actually is, choose pale hues, as dark colours swallow light. To help you on this, look for a domestic painting service in Perth.

Hang Pots and Pans

Instead of investing in new cabinets, why not suspend your pots and pans from the ceiling using a pot rack? A pot rack not only makes them accessible, but it also adds style to your kitchen.

Add Large Baskets

If you don’t have shelves but have extra space, try stacking big baskets to hold your potatoes, onions, garlic and other items.

Wall Decors

Adding paintings and pictures can help change the theme of your kitchen. You may also add mirrors to give additional light to the room and a more open feel.

Change Your Tiles

Use tile decals to update the look of your backsplash. These adhesive stickers are available in different sizes. They’re good in covering up old tile designs without leaving sticky residue.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to remodel your kitchen. With the help of professional painters and some easy upgrades, you can make your kitchen feel new again.

The Future of E-commerce for Small Businesses

online shopping

Online shopping or e-commerce has been developing at a pace at least twice as fast as total retail sales since 2008. This is mainly because shopping online has become more convenient and fast. The key for online stores to be successful is to implement focused strategies to drive sales and customer satisfaction. So where exactly should websites for small businesses focus on?

online shopping

Going Mobile

An attractive website is good, but an attractive mobile counterpart is better. Mobile e-commerce is only going to expand because consumers can now shop on-the-go, thanks to smartphones and tablets. Small businesses should optimize a mobile version of their UK business websites with a clear, intuitive purchase path.

Content Personalization

Curate content to match products to the preferences of each customer. A great way to achieve personalisation is by filtering and recommending products based on what users purchase and view. This will let shoppers see more products that interest them; therefore, generating more sales.

Loyalty Rewards

Lastly, rewarding your most loyal customers is a must. Make gift cards, rewards points, and freebies available to them. This will encourage them to keep purchasing your products. You should also cover the basics such as free shipping, delivery options, extended return period, online order tracking, and 24/7 chat support.

Your small business website should always keep up with technology. Adapt and evolve to keep up with future trends and gain or retain relevance.

Master the Art of Accounting: Top 3 Start-up Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

accounting materials

For young business owners, the word “accounting” probably trikes fear in their minds. After all, poor bookkeeping not only can set a project back, it can also come back to haunt you. What business owners cannot afford to lose is money.

accounting materials

Here are some accounting tips to start your business by:

Be smart about your spending

When you are using your personal finances to fund your venture, you are putting your financial future on the line. This is why hiring a business accountant is important to keep track of your finances. According to some of the reliable business experts such as Entrepreneur, the Australian Taxation Office, and Tax Accounting Adelaide, a good financial report can help you make better decisions.

Look for software that fits you

Find accounting software that is right for you. If you are like most business owners and on the go, something mobile may make more sense. If you are running your business from your gadget, go with a cloud-based accounting software package.

Value helpful advice

Do not spend most of your time trying to figure out an accounting problem. The reality is you have a business to run. The best way to learn and prepare for the worst is to learn from expert accountants.

Running a successful business is difficult. But there is hope and it starts with getting organised. The beauty of mistakes it that they can make you wiser.

Retro Chic Look: Taking Style Cues from Korean Fashion

Retro Fashion

Fashionable women around the world fall in love with Korean-inspired apparel. They have come to love many things Korean, from their music and celebrities like Park Shin-hye and Goo Hye-sun, to their sense of style. Retro Korean fashion is one example of hot items among the world’s trendy.

You can never have too many tips on rocking this style. Here’s where you start:

Mix it up

Mix modern and vintage pieces together. Pair a vintage dress with a modern pair of heels and retro jacket. As vintage shopping is the latest thing, you’ll never run short of choices when you visit the trendiest Korean stores online.

Wear loose graphic shirts

Nothing can stop you from wearing your favorite “old” clothes this time. Try wearing shirts in pop art prints; the more colorful, the better. Don’t be afraid to layer your shirts, as this leads to an exciting and unique look. For trendier results, match a loose top with colorful skinny jeans. You can shop for these at online stores such as Cute Fashion Store.

Retro Fashion


Accessories are a must-have for your Korean outfit. They can make or break your fashion, so choose the appropriate ones. Pieces in candy colors are key elements in retro style.

Achieving this colorful and retro style is easy, as long as you have the confidence to rock the clothes, footwear, and accessories. The most important thing is knowing how to have fun with fashion.

Things to Avoid When Moving to a New Home

You may get overwhelmed with the list of house and land packages, but once you make your decision, the next important step is to prepare for your move. It may be another arduous task, but there are ways to make it less stressful.

house and land packages

Here are five things you should avoid before moving to a new home:

  • Don’t choose your mover based on the offered price alone. Most of the time, low quotes mean more extra charges that tend to add up quickly.
  • Don’t ship prohibited items such as hazardous materials and some perishables. If you’re unsure, check with your moving company on what items aren’t allowed. For international moving, research you destination country’s laws to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Don’t withhold any information from your mover unintentionally. Show them everything they are going to ship when they come in to give an estimate. Let them know all the contents, including those from the attic or the shed.
  • Don’t sign any document that you don’t fully understand or agree with. If you have any questions, ask your mover for clarifications. Never sign paperwork with blanks left to be filled in later.
  • Don’t forget to check your new home once you arrived. See if there’s anything that was removed which you believe is included in the purchase.