Car being towed in snowWhen you operate a towing truck, you owe it to your customers to bail them out whenever they run into trouble. But, what happens when it is stuck in some route you’ve never heard of before?

Here are tips to help you tow in unfamiliar roadways.

Make sure that your truck is in top shape

It’s essential for a towing vehicle to stay in peak condition always. When responding to an emergency on a road you’ve never driven on before, it’s even more important to make sure that everything is working before leaving the parking lot.

Check whether the wireless tow light, brakes, tires, and other parts are working well. Fill the oil tank too. You want to avoid getting stuck in new territory as much as possible, especially at night.

Study the route again

While every minute counts when your client is in distress, it’s still important to map out the way before starting the engine of your truck. GPS is nice, but you need to check out the routes on a map and get familiar with the distances and turns before leaving.

This makes you more comfortable on the road and can get to the customer faster.

Watch your speed

As a tow truck driver, you know better than any other driver that over speeding causes accidents. Drive cautiously, observing all speed limits, so you don’t cause or run into problems. It’s best to drive at a slower speed where you don’t know what the speed limit is.

Watch out for school zones and work zones, even if you didn’t see any traffic warnings.

Towing on a road that you’ve never driven on before presents its own unique challenges. However, by preparing yourself and your truck adequately, and by practicing caution while on the road, it’s a task you can do without incidents.

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