first aidNo one can anticipate an injurious mishap. Some happen because of mishandling sharp objects, while others occur due to lack of proper disposal methods. It’s for such reasons that you must know the below mentioned first aid skills for common injuries.


Whenever you encounter a cut, whether grave or minor, the first step should be to stop the bleeding. You can do this by gently applying pressure on the wound using a sterilized cloth or gauze. For minor cuts, disinfect the wound lightly using any recommended antiseptics.

After this, you must wrap a bandage around it to protect it from bacterial infections. Do the same with deeper cuts. Contact urgent care services for the deep cuts you find hard to address.


Choking mostly happens when people do not chew the food well. Huge food chunks get stuck in the throat, and this interferes with the proper function of the air passage. For this, stand behind the victim and make them gently lean forward. Hit them on the back, between the shoulders several times.

The impact will force the food particles out relieving them of the pain. After that, don’t hesitate to call for a walk-in clinic here in Schererville in Indiana or elsewhere for emergency response.


For sunburns, avoid staying in the sun for extended periods. You can also invest in some cute sunglasses to protect your eyes. In case of a fire burn, insert the affected part in cold water for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse the wound thoroughly with cold but clean water before covering it with sterilized clothing.

Watch out for signs of infections and seek urgent medical attention if any.

Creating time to attend first aid classes makes it even better. You and your loved ones will be safer if you allow the presence of mind to operate when accidents or mishaps occur.

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