Child Custody and GavelChild custody and support are among the most controversial topics in family law. The process can be complicated. With the complexity of legal procedures, and not to mention the sudden change of dynamics to the family’s relationship, it can be challenging to stay focused on the important things.

If you’re still searching for a child support lawyer in Kent, be sure to discuss the following details during your initial consultation:

1. Milestone Expenses

At this point, you should be looking at the child’s future. List down all the significant events or occasions in the future. These may include his or her birthday parties, graduation, prom, and even the purchase of the first car. Discuss the potential situations to your lawyer, so you can prepare for them.

2. College Expenses

The child’s education should always be on top of the discussion, especially when they go to college. Keep in mind the rising tuition fees for higher education. There are cases where some parents discontinued giving compensation for this.

Typically, lawyers from both parties may arrange a settlement for this. They may recommend both parents saving jointly for their child’s education and sharing the specific costs. Other than tuition fees, you should also mention additional expenses such as housing, food allowance, school activities, and recreation.

3. Unexpected or Emergency Expenses

It’s always better to anticipate unexpected expenses when raising a child. Many divorcing parents overlook this important matter. It’s important to clarify how both parties should handle these the situation. For instance, it should be clear how the medical bills should be allocated.

The decision for both parents should always be in the best interest of their children. Preparing early with your legal counsel can help you make better decisions for the future.

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