Young kid sliding to the pool But did you know that water parks like Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach can be places of learning too? Take, for example, these three important virtues your children could learn from their summer trip to a New Jersey water park.

1. Patience

Patience is crucial for a kid’s emotional maturity. Unfortunately, children are not famous for their patience. Most of the time, they are the exact opposite. Can’t get what I want? Why not throw a tantrum. If you are a parent to such a tantrum-ready toddler, do not fret. Just take your son or daughter to repeat excursions in water parks. Here they’ll have to wait in line to get to the slides, to buy ice cream, to shower. Those are patience-building activities right there.

2. Social Skills

Social skills have four components: confidence, cooperation, curiosity, and communication. Immersing your child for a day or two in a water park is a surefire way for them to pick up these abilities.

3. Sense of Direction

Map reading has become obsolete in recent years. This is due to the existence of GPS apps that simply tell you where to go. This is somewhat detrimental to children’s development, as they need to adopt a reliable sense of direction. If you worry about your small one’s lack of sense of direction, take them to a water park, and let them wander through this maze-like haven with a physical map in hand.

Learning need not be boring. It does not have to be confined to the four walls of a classroom. The ins and outs of a water park can be just as reliable for this purpose.

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