Man Slapping ForeheadThink you have it all figured out in real estate investment? Think again. True, millions of people have made a fortune in this industry, but many have lost money too.

So before you put your money in that house and land for sale in Melbourne West you have been intending to, be sure to avoid these costly mistakes.

1. Not knowing your market

Some first-time real estate investors do not take the time to do due diligence. Sure, the internet can provide lots of information about your local market, but you still need to visit sites in person to get the true number. Understand that things can change very fast, even within the town.

Compare sales to know where the market is moving.

2. Not having an appropriate budget

Your budget is the centre of any deal you negotiate. When buying a property, it is important to that you come up with the right estimate. Not planning for rehab costs can put you in a tough position after the deal is done. Follow the guidance of your realtor, contractor or mentor to avoid any negative events.

3. Be too casual when choosing a contractor

Your contractor plays a huge role when it comes to creating your budget. Choose a wrong one, and you will soon be in deep trouble. You want someone who understands what you are looking for and where you can get it.

Interview some contractors, paying particular attention to qualification, experience, and references.

4. Not having clear goals

Every successful entrepreneur starts out by setting clear goals, and so should you. Do not just jump at any deal that comes your way. Rather, determine why you want to invest in a particular property, and make decisions based on those goals.

Your first investments in real estate are very important, and you should approach them very carefully. By avoiding some common mistakes, you can boost your chances of success.

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