a plumber doing a thumbs upNo home maintenance project is complete without an examination of the plumbing system. That’s one of the reasons that plumbing businesses stand to make high profits every year. But how can you ensure that you are the first name that comes to the minds of clients in your area whenever they have plumbing needs? Here are four sure tips to do just that.

Always use quality materials

Of course, it pays to charge reasonably low rates for your services. That, however, is no excuse to use low-grade materials to repair or replace broken ones for your clients. Whether you are using an Eurosteel carbon steel fitting or plastic pipe, go out of your way to get the very best you can find. Your client will be willing to incur a slightly higher cost if they know they are getting top quality in return.

Answer the phone promptly

Working out in the field? Then have your office numbers forwarded to your cell phone if you do not have someone to answer them in your office. When a customer wants your services, it’s often an emergency, and they want to talk to a real person, not an answering machine. If they cannot find you, they’ll be more frustrated and may take their business to your competitor.

Keep your promises

Making promises very easy. It’s keeping them that’s the hardest part. But you’ll rapidly tarnish your reputation if you’re always missing deadlines, showing up late for repairs or delivering low-quality service. Experts in the industry know that it’s better to under promise and over deliver or simply avoid making promises at all.

Be helpful even if you won’t get paid for it

In the course of your project, you’ll often notice something else that’s in need of fixing that wasn’t part of the task you are doing. A leaky pipe, perhaps, that needs a minute or two to fix. Hurry up and fix the problem for free. That means a great deal to your client, and you can be assured you’ll be the first person they’ll call for their next plumbing project.

Don’t let the rising competition in the plumbing business keep you from making maximum profits each year. If you can master the little things that count the most to clients, you stand to see your business grow where others struggle.

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