Web DesignA lot of websites have been launched online, but not all of them were able to withstand the test of time. Some failed miserably.

Denverdata.com shares some of these sites to help you learn from their stories.

1. Google Answers

Yes. Google, the number one Search Engine in the world, actually put out Google Answers in the early 2000s. It worked just like the Google you know today but asked users to pay a certain fee so they could get scholarly answers.

What went wrong: Paying to get your questions answered when you could just “Google” them instead? Right. Of course, not a lot of people took the bait. And in 2006, Google Answers was finally shut down.

2. Pets.com

Pets.com was around during the boom of the .com craze. In fact, it was even one of the earliest “.com” websites out there, but well, it just didn’t live up to its own expectations.

What went wrong: Well, there were just so many better competitors in the market that offered more than just pet products…and so Pets.com saw its end in the early 2000s.

3. Boo.com

Guess what? Siri was not the first virtual assistant. Before the dawn of smartphones, Miss Boo, Boo.com’s very own virtual assistant, was around to help online shoppers find what they’re looking for. Sounds good, right?

What went wrong: Well, let’s just say that in the pre-Wi-Fi and broadband days, Miss Boo just took up a lot of bandwidth… and so in the mid-2000s, she definitely had to say goodbye.

4. SixDegrees.com

SixDegrees was the forefather of today’s social networking sites – even gaining around 1 million registered users who were able to message their friends online, too!

What went wrong: Take note that SixDegrees was around in the late 90s – and well, during that time, people had much better things to do than stay online. So off it went.

See, you really need great website developers to make sure you have the right idea for your website, and make sure that it actually will work. Or else, you probably just have to say goodbye to it altogether.

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