Man using a computerAs consumers, organizations, and corporations rely more and more on technology, so does the demand for IT (Information Technology) professionals. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13% growth in the employment outlook for computer and IT specialists. As someone interested in working in this field, this alone is already an attractive incentive to pursue an IT career.

Although there are plenty of IT-related career options for you to choose from, suggests looking into the security sector. One good reason is that the need for cybersecurity experts continues to grow, especially in today’s society where threats and dangers constantly loom.

Security and protection for Internet users

On their own, computer science and information technology roles are already a must-have for many individuals and organizations. However, the element of security and protection further make the roles of cybersecurity experts even more sought after. After all, anyone who uses the Internet can fall victim to cybercrime.

Anyone who has an online presence — from consumers with e-mails, social media, and bank accounts to businesses with websites and other online assets — is vulnerable to cybercrimes, which can wreak serious damages to their victims.

Dependence on technology: A factor contributing greatly to cybersecurity demand

Cybersecurity jobs continue to rise in demand. This is primarily due to the increase in cyber attacks, which has become not just more frequent, but also more harmful. While most publicized attacks involve high-profile entities, no one — be it an individual, a large corporation, or even a government entity — is immune to such dangers.

This already shows and highlights the crucial roles that cybersecurity plays in modern society, and how valuable IT security experts are. All this said, you should recognize how a career specializing in IT security can be a fulfilling, rewarding, and lucrative profession.


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