Grow your own food with a greenhouseThere are several types of greenhouses available in the market today, geodesic dome greenhouse kits for sale from Growing Spaces probably offers the most benefits compared with other styles. This unique style combines equal-sized triangles to create a dome-shaped structure.

But, what else does a geodesic dome greenhouse have to offer? Here are a few facts about you might want to consider when checking out greenhouses.

Unique strength

One of the very first things you might want to note about this structure is its strength. Geodesic domes can withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and even tornadoes. It also doesn’t need any internal support since the triangles that form the dome evenly distributes the weight throughout the structure.

Environmental impact

Just like any other greenhouse design, geodesic dome greenhouse reduces one’s carbon footprint by allowing owners to grow their own food. Doing so will help them become more self-efficient, lessening the demand for processed food or other products needed for cooking.


Another factor you need to consider if you’re planning to purchase a geodesic dome greenhouse is energy efficiency. The dome shape uses 30–40% less surface area than regularly shaped greenhouses, making the air circulate more efficiently compared with rectangular structures.

Because of this, plants inside the dome will receive better access to sunlight at any time of the day. A dome has better access to natural sunlight because of its shape and the way it’s constructed.

If you want to purchase your very own geodesic dome greenhouse, you might want to purchase a prefabricated one from a trusted supplier. It’s best to ask suggestions from any of your friends or relatives or check the internet for a few recommendations.

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