teeth whitening processCoffee and red wine comes with a price, and that’s in more ways than one. It is not unusual for drinks like these to taint people’s teeth. With time, the normal routines of morning caffeine and evening alcohol can have a negative effect on the appearance of a person’s teeth. Discolouration or staining of the teeth is a potential smile-stopper, which is why some people might consider teeth whitening in Belfast.

Teeth whitening in Belfast is offered to patients who might be embarrassed or tired of having discoloured teeth, at practices in the city such as Blue Sky Dentistry. It is a cosmetic treatment that serves to enhance a smile without the need for an uncomfortable and lengthy procedure.

Comfort is key

In Belfast, teeth whitening, and its effectiveness, will depend on the severity of discolouration. It is an efficient and simple procedure that can take place in the comfy dental chair or the comfort of a patient’s own home. A patient can choose the type of treatment that best suits them, as comfort is always prioritised.

At the dentist, a gel is applied to a patient’s teeth before the light from a UV lamp initiates the bleaching process. The treatment takes about an hour, meaning that little time is taken from a person’s day, especially useful if they have a busy schedule.

Teeth whitening at home works in a similar way, serving to whiten and brighten smiles, over a longer period of time. This is also convenient for those with busy schedules, as a mouth guard can be filled with whitening gel and left to treat the teeth overnight. The effects of the treatment are usually noticed a couple of weeks after, making the anticipation of a brighter smile all the more exciting.

Tackling the things that taint teeth

Receiving teeth whitening treatment benefits the aesthetics of a smile. This means having a smile to show off, encouraging patients to look after both the appearance of their teeth and their oral health. Maintaining the health of a smile is just as important as caring for how it looks, giving a whiter and brighter smile. Although it might mean cutting down the sugary drinks, it’s worth it.

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