Options for Personal Injury LawsuitsPersonal injury lawsuits are becoming prevalent. This is because many people think that they can file a case after being injured by someone else’s negligence. In a favorable ruling, a plaintiff will get some form of compensation from the defendant.

However, merely filing a lawsuit for your injury does not automatically mean compensation. Various issues require the expertise of a personal injury lawyer like Marc J. Bern & Partners. With that in mind, here are the kinds of personal injury lawsuits:

Single Plaintiff

These cases involve one defendant and plaintiff and are based on facts rather than legal interpretations of various points. They are easily settled through arbitration and negotiation. Therefore, most plaintiffs receive compensation quickly. The primary limitation of single-plaintiff cases is their legal fees; most attorneys charge a contingency fee to handle them.

Class Action

More than one plaintiff files these cases. The plaintiffs include those who have suffered the same injury. Most jurisdictions require a large number of plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit. Hence, independently handling it can be impractical. A defendant generally requests this personal injury case.

Mass Tort

Though similar to class action cases, mass tort lawsuit feature fewer plaintiffs. Plaintiffs rather than defendants request these lawsuits. Mass tort lawsuits are generally chosen to cut back legal costs of separate trials, but any unfavorable ruling will affect all individual cases.

Being a part of one of the given lawsuits disqualifies you from participating in any other case against a similar defendant. Before picking a category, it is imperative to consult an attorney. He or she will recommend the most efficient solution to your problem.

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