Notebook with text 'Franchise' on table with coffee, mobile phone and glassesFor entrepreneurs, owning a franchise is a practical opportunity for those looking to start their business venture and share the financial risk. Franchising, when done well, offers a proven path to success and profitability, making it an appealing option for investment.

Established Brand Reputation

With franchises, entrepreneurs can work with businesses that have already achieved financial success and recognition for their brand. Since the business is already established and its name is already well-known, entrepreneurs no longer have to worry about introducing an entirely new brand to an already competitive market.

Entrepreneurs can jump straight to start-up and operations, using the market strategies established by the parent franchise company to make their business grow.

Working Financial Model

With franchises, entrepreneurs work with existing business models that have already proven to be successful. This formula removes the burden on the part of the entrepreneur to start a business plan from scratch, while still retaining the flexibility to adapt to the conditions of the local market.

Franchise groups offer varying franchise packages with different starting capital, strategies and benefits; for example, franchises by Transworld, an international franchising group, begin with a comprehensive training and support programme that also covers the company’s expertise in business brokerage.

Well-Connected Business Network

Instead of going through multiple quotations and bids for distributors and suppliers, franchise owners can use the tried and tested contacts of the parent company. This process reduces the time spent on trial-and-error, especially with selecting materials and machines used in operations.

The presence of other similar franchises can be beneficial as well, as entrepreneurs can share information and best practices with each other.

Entrepreneurs are often known as risk-takers; however, the degree of risk and the willingness of the entrepreneur tends to vary, depending on the situation. Owning a franchise is the ideal opportunity for anyone venturing into business to start on a stable and solid foundation, banking on a proven formula of success.

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