Sad bride and groom wooden figuresIf you honestly believe that divorce is the best option for you and your family, you need to tell your partner. You may find this difficult, but there’s no other way express your intention. Experts recommend telling your spouse in a calm environment. Be sure not to break the news when the kids are around or nearby. Most importantly, don’t bring it up in the heat of an argument if there’s a disagreement between you.

Stand Firm and Don’t Make Excuses

It’s normal that your spouse may tell you that divorce is not the best choice. If you, however, are sure about your decision, take a firm stand. Note that you don’t need to make excuses or argue with your spouse. Divorce lawyers in Denver note that all you have to do is tell them that you’ve made a decision and that you can talk about the specifics of the case later on.

Break the News Gently

The way you tell your spouse you want a divorce can influence how the process may unfold. It’s best to be gentle and compassionate, instead of blaming or coming at them with anger. You want to be kind and respectful, but try to be direct. Be sure to pick a time when both of you will be uninterrupted. It’s also a good idea to practice what you are going to say and how you’ll say it.

Anticipate Your Spouse’s Reaction

Lengthy discussions are likely after you tell your spouse about your intention. If they’re not ready for divorce, they may talk you out of it, express anger, or tell you are making a wrong decision. It’s also likely that your spouse may accuse you of terrible things. These reactions are common and normal. You can also use their responses when deciding what type of divorce to choose.

Tell or reassure your spouse that you empathize with what they’re feeling. You can discuss more about this decision when everyone is ready or when things have calmed down. Don’t forget to consult a lawyer to protect your right and guide your decisions.

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