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3 Hair Treatments You Can Get on Your Next Salon Visit

Everybody wants to have healthy, shiny hair. That’s why going to the hair salon is a great way to relax and unwind if you’re feeling a bit tired and want some pampering time. Here are some hair trea...

Is That a Real Rolex or a Replica? Here’s How You Can Spot a Fake one

  • May 20, 2016
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There’s nothing as classy and edgy than wearing a Rolex watch. But, the Swiss Customer Service estimates that there are over 40 million counterfeit watches in circulation annually. This means that you&rsq...


Finding that Competent Surgeon for Your Plastic Surgery

People who undergo plastic surgery are exercising their freedom of choice. Most of the time they choose to change their appearance for the sake of aesthetics. For others, it is a means by which they b...


Expectation vs. Reality: Dental Cleaning is Not Tooth Brushing

Teeth cleanings are the same for everyone. It’s basically your dentist doing the job of brushing and scraping your teeth and gums. While you lay suspended on the dental chair firm and steady, you wonder: ...


Which Trending Hairstyle Will You Sport this Winter Season?

Would you cut your hair short in this cold winter weather? Pixie haircut is a hot pick these days. But more than that, it’s perfect for a wash-and-go routine that you’d probably want (and will be do...

Retro Fashion

Retro Chic Look: Taking Style Cues from Korean Fashion

Fashionable women around the world fall in love with Korean-inspired apparel. They have come to love many things Korean, from their music and celebrities like Park Shin-hye and Goo Hye-sun, to their sense of st...