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Learning about the Treatment for Anorexia Can Give Someone a New Lease on Life

Anorexia is a condition that can alter not just one’s physique, but also one’s state of mind. However, it doesn’t mean that someone who’s anorexic would have to suffer for life. There ar...


Mission Possible: Throwing a Surprise Birthday Party

Your best friend’s birthday is coming up. And you want to honor your friendship by throwing a surprise part. That’s a great idea. Everyone is into surprise treats. Organising a surprise bi...


Taking Care of Your Dental Implants and False Teeth

The importance of visiting the dentist and hygienist doesn’t stop when you lose your natural teeth. In fact, in many ways it becomes even more important. Whether you have opted to replace lost teeth with ...


Proper Oral Hygiene: Things You Should Never Forget to Teach Your Child

Poor oral hygiene is not the only cause of a continuous rise of tooth decay and dental problems in children, but also due to high sugar content of what is being marketed as ” highly nutritious” snac...

Life with Braces: Is It Really that Difficult and Painful?

  • January 20, 2016
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By now, you probably know that braces do more than just give people a more beautiful smile. They also contribute to better oral health, which is also important for one’s overall health and well-being. When yo...


Hair Removal 101: Choosing a Method That’s Right For You

More than a cosmetic concern, hair removal is also an important matter in hygiene.  There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, but before you try any of those, make sure to look into these options and see wh...

keratin hair straightening

Keratin Hair Straightening After Care Tips

The Keratin hair straightening treatment leaves hair straight, soft and manageable. Professional hair salons such as Circles of Subiaco infuse a special blend of natural keratin into the hair using the heat fro...

Spiky hair

The Art of Gracefully “Losing It”: 3 Hairstyles For Receding Hairlines

Fame, power, and money cannot prevent hair loss. Even the most famous male celebrities know this to be true. If it’s happening to you too, there are some ways to go bald gracefully, including the best hai...