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When Should My Daughter First Visit a Gynecologist?

Routine visits to a gynecologist are a crucial part of a woman’s healthy lifestyle. But when should your teenage daughter first visit a gynecologist? Schedule your daughter’s first trip to a gynecol...


Tips on Making Patients Comfortable in the Dentist’s Chair

Dental fear is real. It’s one of the most common factors people avoid visiting clinics at all costs unless they really get to the point of feeling excruciating pain from a toothache. It’s important then for...


Increase Your Skin Elasticity Naturally

In your youth, the abundance of elastin and collagen make your skin is taut and supple. While collagen gives the skin structure, elastin helps your skin stretch. As you age, however, your skin produces less of ...


Why You Need to Undergo These Medical Tests

Good health is one of the best gifts in life. However, few women enjoy this as they age. It’s important to take medical exams regularly to see if you are healthy or might need to get a procedure done. Lik...

Two dental associates holding a teeth mold

The Benefits of 3D Printing to Dental Industry

The introduction of 3D printing has revolutionized a lot of industries, one of which is related to putting beautiful smiles back to people who have dental problems. The introduction of 3D printing for dentistr...

Straighter Teeth the Subtle Way

  • August 7, 2018
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Contemporary dentists have ways of realigning the teeth that are comfortable, discreet, and relatively speedy. Some braces and aligners are almost invisible because of their innovative construction and use of t...

A Stained Smile

  • August 6, 2018
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Coffee and red wine comes with a price, and that’s in more ways than one. It is not unusual for drinks like these to taint people’s teeth. With time, the normal routines of morning caffeine and evening alco...

Senior Memory Care

3 Tips to Improve Memory in Old Age

It’s normal to forget where you placed your keys or wallet. However, it can be frightening if you keep getting such memory lapses frequently, especially in old age. At this point, you may be asking yourse...