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How Much is The Typical Cost of Home Renovations in the U.S.?

U.S. homeowners typically spend $10,390 to renovate or repair their houses, although the typical price ranges between $4,000 and $17,525. Those who are planning to sell their property would need to consider upg...


Yard Care: Basics of Preparing Mulch

In Salt Lake City, lawn fertilization experts have plenty of good things to say about mulching. The yard itself and the newly grown trees and shrubs can benefit greatly. But before devoting time and effort to...


Design Solutions for Your Awkward Windows

Designing your home could be a breeze. Just match this color to this color and hang some art pieces here and there, and the place would look amazing. But there are times when you really just don’t know what t...

kids in swimming pool

Water Safety Tips at Home: Safeguarding Your Child from Drowning

Your house is supposed to be a sanctuary for your kid. But the fact is, it has hidden dangers. Even something as seemingly harmless as a bathtub or wading pool could pose a threat to an unsupervised child. That...

Indoor Sun Ray

Not Yet Safe: Sun Damage Happens Even While Indoors

You’re probably well aware of the health risks associated with the sun’s UV rays when you go outside. What you don’t know is that the risk from sun damage continues even while indoors. Sun Damage Indoors ...

Person cleaning countertop

4 Common Cleaning Mistakes That Can Lower Your Home’s Value

When putting your home up for sale, you want to get the most bang for your home investment buck. But, some things in your home that you always ignore when deep cleaning can now cause the value of your property ...


What to Consider in Keeping Your Gas Furnace in Perfect Working Condition

Warmth is one of the primary factors that make a good home for your loved ones. It is, therefore, critical to get maximum value from your gas furnace once you switch it on. It is not uncommon for gas furnaces t...


4 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Outdoor Areas

A lot of homeowners are too focused on how the interiors of their home look that they tend to forget that their outdoors is just as important. The outer areas of your house are still living spaces. This means...