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Command Center

From Galileo to Beidou: A Look at Global Navigation Satellite Systems Other than GPS

GPS or the Global Positioning System is undeniably one of the most revolutionary inventions of the past century. The introduction of GPS changed the aviation and shipping industries, improved emergency response...

Unrecorded Jail Deaths

Hundreds Die in Jail: Bondsmen Make it Cheaper to Get Out

About 1,000 Americans die in jail every year, without the public knowing. While the federal government collects data on jails, they only release the data years later. As they publish aggregated information, itâ...


Fertilizer Handling Musts

If you’re managing a farm or any business in the agricultural sector, then you would know how important it is to practice the proper handling of chemicals and fertilizers on the site. One misstep in the proce...


Must-Know Hacks to Keep Hotel Rooms Clean and Fresh All the Time

The Kent-Washington area is a busy, bustling hub for travelers from all over the country, and the hotel and accommodation industry is doing its best to keep up with the influx. Part of its efforts is to constan...


The Beach, the Woods or Anywhere: Your Writing Haven

Writers love solitude. A writer can spend hours alone in a hotel room or on a porch, with nothing but their thoughts and a laptop or a writing pad, and the peace and quiet to accompany them. While you can find ...


Disaster Preparedness 101: Dealing with Floods

Among the memorable tragedies in the United States, the collapse of the South Fork Dam in 1889 remains to be one of the most tragic. The collapse, infamously known in history as the Johnstow Flood, killed more ...


Personal Loans 101: Tips for First Timers

The degree of difficulty of your loan application getting approved varies depending on the type of loans you applied for. While it is easier to get your home loan or auto loan application approved, it might be ...


Your Future Boyfriend or Just Another Fling? Watch Out for the Telltale Signs

Every time you swipe right on a dating app, or randomly meet a guy in a bookstore, you always wonder if he is worth your time. You’ve dated every character in the book that you already try to size up each one...