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Arrested for Aggravated Assault in Texas: Penalties and Sentences

Under the Texas Penal Code, aggravated assault is when a defendant intentionally, recklessly, and knowingly causes severe bodily harm to another individual, or showing or using a deadly weapon during an assault...

Visitation Rights

After Divorce: Enforcing Your Visitation Rights

In a divorce, both parties make a child visitation agreement for the non-custodial parent to make sure that they still keep in touch. This is to support the well-being of their child as they grow up. When your ...


Training as a Legal Nurse Consultant

A legal nurse must be knowledgeable in the legal and the medical fields. They provide sound advice, thanks to years of continuous learning. A lot of legal nurse consultants are self-employed. Still, they enjoy ...


What Child Custody Agreements Must Have

Family law – truth be told, all fields of law – can get complicated. This is why many look for professional family law services in Ogden or elsewhere online for help. Be it divorce, annulment, child custody...

Small Business Asset Protection

Why You Need Asset Protection for Your Business

Running a business comes with several risks and challenges. You could face claims because of your products or services. You could also deal with lawsuits alleging your financial obligations. Claims and lawsuits...