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Project Management Application: A Proper Use of Technology

  • March 8, 2017
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In the corporate world, or anywhere business is evident, people run to technology if they aren’t able to meet a standard or when a company would like to perform better. Every issue, whether it’s brought on...


Internet Marketing: The Modern World of Business

Technology is everywhere – in homes, offices and outdoors. You see computers being used in many aspects such as education, health and business. Traditional and conventional means in businesses are now outdate...


Importance of Diagnostic Examinations in Health

A person’s health is defined as the complete physical, emotional, mental, and psychological well-being. Sometimes, people regard health as something unimportant. However, it’s an essential element o...


Your Future Looks Bright As An IT Security Professional

You’re set for life as an IT security pro. The demand for your skills and expertise is on an upward trend. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 18% growth through 2024 for information security analy...


Things to Remember Before You Launch Your Product

As a small business, you’ll have to present your products well to draw attention to your company. To ensure a successful launching, here are some things to remember. Identify a Need and Fill It Entreprene...


4 Websites that Failed Miserably – And What You Could Learn From Them

A lot of websites have been launched online, but not all of them were able to withstand the test of time. Some failed miserably. shares some of these sites to help you learn from their stories. 1...

In Corporate Videos, Actions Still Speak Louder Than Words

  • March 16, 2016
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A corporate video is a double-edged sword. Do it right, and your company reaps the rewards. Do it wrong, and the company suffers. There are lots of things that can be done to expect a solid ROI from video marke...


Weighing Options: Should SEO Strategy or Budget Come First?

The question “Which came first—the chicken or the egg?” might be applicable in search engine optimisation. Switch the egg and poultry with “budget” and “strategy” instead. Most businesses tend to ...