Coffee has been enjoyed by many people for thousands of years.It is the perfect way to start the day and the ideal companion for lazy afternoons. Before you buy yourself an automatic coffee machine, take a look at some myths and facts surrounding this well-loved beverage. Here are some common conceptions and misconceptions about coffee:

coffee machine

Coffee Myths

  1. Coffee is an addictive drug – While a regular dose of caffeine might indeed cause dependence, it in no way can affect you the way addictive drugs do.
  2. Coffee causes cancer – Caffeine may even possess protective properties against certain types of cancer.
  3. Coffee causes serious heart problems – Studies have shown that caffeine intake does not cause irregular heartbeat or even cardiovascular disease.
  4. Coffee induces insomnia – While caffeine is quickly absorbed, it is also flushed out just as quickly by the human body. Its sleep-blocking properties do not linger too long.

Coffee Facts

  1. Coffee makes you more physically active and more mentally alert – Caffeine blocks adenosine reception or sleep receptors, thereby keeping you awake and more prepped for physical activity.
  2. Coffee (and caffeine-based drinks) aid in weight-loss – Caffeine raises metabolism rates, thus aiding in weight-loss.
  3. Coffee can be used as a beauty treatment – Coffee grounds reduce wrinkles and improve skin condition.The Japanese have been known to bathe in them.
  4. Coffee does not flush out alcohol – People only think so, but it does not.

While these facts and myths are presented, it is recommended that those with pre-existing health conditions should consult their physicians before boosting their caffeine intake all at once.While one or two cups of coffee may do your body good, being perennially glued to automatic coffee machines will most likely break you. As with most everything else in life, moderation is key.

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