DIY Teeth Whitening Kits from ColoradoNowadays, we’ve seen many so-called “lifestyle hacks” for almost every kind of problem or task. This includes DIY teeth whitening sold in grocery stores, pharmacies, and even retail outlets. Here are some of the dangers linked to these DIY kits:

One size doesn’t fit all

The dental trays that come with home teeth whitening kits come in a standard size, which means the trays are not tailor-fit to your mouth. If the tray is too big or too small, the whitening solution can leak into the mouth and you might end up swallowing harmful substances.

Deep cavities

If you have deep cavities, the solution can go deeper and affect the blood vessels, bone, root, and nerve tissue. This can lead to even bigger problems other than stained teeth. Before anything else, recommends consulting dental professionals if it’s truly safe for you to try DIY kits. If not, why put yourself at risk when there are professionals to serve you?

Patchy appearance

If done incorrectly, home whitening kits can leave your teeth with a patchy appearance, which is all the more unpleasant. If this happens, either you buy another kit and try to fix the poor job or you would rather leave it to dental professionals to remedy the problem.

Not choosing the right product

If you do want to try home teeth whitening kits, look for products with a peroxide level between 10% and 20%. If the product didn’t deliver your desired results, try a new product with a higher peroxide level. Make sure you follow the instructions, especially the part about not leaving the gel or strip longer than what is necessary.

If you don’t want to risk it, consult your dentist and ask for the right whitening treatment for you. What’s important is that you follow best practices in keeping your teeth looking great such as limiting your wine or coffee intake and having good oral hygiene.

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