Man working with steelAlthough more construction projects are embracing steel as a building material, it is not surprising to learn that some contractors are still conservative. Nonetheless, you cannot ignore the fact that some of these people still hold firmly to certain myths still surrounding the use of steel in construction projects.

As Utah-based online steel sales provider Wasatch Steel notes, three of the most common of these myths are:

Steel structures are prone to rust

Changing weather conditions make establishing steel structures quite a problem many building contractors face. That is because steel contains iron which is highly prone to rust in the presence of moisture.

Although steel is famous for its high oxidation process, structural steel usually has a galvanized outer layer. Galvanization involves the coating of the metal with zinc to protect the metal from rusting. Therefore, galvanized steel structures will offer you an extended service life.

Steel poses risks of lightning electrocution

Many individuals fear that steel buildings are prone to lightning striking. This belief has its basis in that many lightning rods are of metal. When used in lighting arrestors, the metal transfers the current to the ground.

It is only improper grounding or not grounding at all that poses risks of lighting striking a building. Therefore, having a steel structure does not, necessarily, increase the chances of lightning striking.

Temperature control is challenging with steel structures

A majority of people believe that steel has problems with cooling and heating, and it may be difficult to maintain optimum room temperature in such structures.

Steel structures are like any other building where insulation is essential in controlling indoor temperatures. Ideally, steel can withstand harsh climate conditions and is a preferred building material in places with extreme weather conditions.

Even with all the information you have had and heard about steel, most probably, not all of it is true. Getting factual information about steel products and structures will help you make a better decision even when you will next be checking steel sales online.

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