a woman looking outside a windowDesigning your home could be a breeze. Just match this color to this color and hang some art pieces here and there, and the place would look amazing. But there are times when you really just don’t know what to do, like for awkward windows. Even the most modern homes in New Jersey have these. It’s a common design dilemma and when not addressed properly and creatively, it instantly turns into a design disaster. You don’t have to have them redone, there are ways to dress up your windows.

Short Windows

You know, the ones which are always on the top portion of a wall, making the bottom so bare and tricky to design. The best way to address this is to use long drapes. This gives the illusion of height, redirecting people’s attention to the build of the wall, rather than the short windows. For your home in New Jersey, use different fabrics and colors you can choose from a wide selection of design and fabrics in drapery stores.

For modern home styles, the top option is neutral-colored, sheer draperies. To address that bare wall at the bottom of your windows, you can leave it as it is or conceal it with a beautiful console table or desk.

Arched Windows

Arched windows often look like they came straight from a century-old home. And people design it with valances or custom-made rods in the shape of an arch. Unless you’re going for a medieval look, such treatments don’t do much in your desire to improve visual appeal in this space.

The best way to dress these arched windows is to go for simple window treatments. Arched windows already have that built-in aesthetics with their interesting form, so adding on to it with too many details on the window treatments will be over-designing it. Place a straight curtain rod and hang a white curtain on it — no prints, no patterns, just sheer simplicity.

Window above the Bed

That space which should have been where your favorite art piece should be placed. It may be the reason you’re getting unwanted light in the space when you wake up in the morning. Cover it up with a shade or shutters. Choose a color that blends with your wall so it creates that seamless look.

Try these solutions for your awkward windows. And you might just realize that dressing these up don’t necessarily don’t have to be a design dilemma.

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