Scissors and other hairdressing equipmentsThe scissors are to a hairdresser as a knife is to a butcher. The secret to creating beautiful haircuts is in the tool. And if you want to choose the best tool that will accompany you through many beautiful haircuts, you have to know what are the options available as well as their specific features that differentiate one from another.

Professional hairdressing scissors in New Zealand come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and design. Every different type may create a unique haircutting result.

The Scissors and the Hairdresser

To take the best pick among the many available scissors types, you must first establish what kind of cutting style you are most inclined to make. If we’re talking about precise cuts, 4.5-inch and 5.5-inch scissors are great options. For basic cuts and for comb cutting techniques, longer shears sized 6 inches and above are useful.

When it comes to shape, you need to determine your comfort level. Scissors are used very often. You need to make sure that you are not experiencing hand fatigue with the shape of the scissors you are using. You may choose either classic, in which the upper and lower blades are of the same shape; crane, in which the lower blade that is meant for the thumb is angled; and offset, in which the handle area is angled.

As per the blade type, the serrated scissors are considered perfect for newbie hairdressers, who are likely to execute straight cuts or sliced cuts. For seasoned hairdressers who want to be great at chopping, convex edge scissors are the best choice, with their smooth blades that glide easily.

Since different scissors have different results, it is ideal to have a variety of hairdressing scissors in stock. This way, you will have one ready to deliver the result that your client needs.

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