label stickersA label is more than just a means for recognising a company. It is identity and character, capable of making customers feel certain emotions and desires when they see it. To create an effective product label for your brand or company, work on the following vital pointers.


A label has to be clear and identifiable even at a distance. Think about all the fashion, food, and celebrity logos that immediately catch your eye even in the darkest nights and with limited lighting. They sometimes literally outshine other labels because they can be seen from so far away. Consider colour contrasts and its potential mounted background before you finalise your design.


Some of the most famous logos aim to minimise their embellishments. Consider the logos for desktop and laptop computers or even mobile phones. These companies want consumers to see their label and immediately identify them without too much thought. Design a label or logo that, while calls for sophistication and style, can also evoke recognition from even the most rudimentary of glances. Also, the design should be easy to recognise from a sea of competitors. Yours should be the most visible and easily identifiable even across all cities and countries.


A big requirement in branding is the process of reproducing labels onto multiple surfaces and objects, especially if you’re planning on creating give-aways and promotional items. Imagine printing your logo or label on paper, board, cloth, glass, or plastic. Consider how label printers in NZ such as can copy your logo on hundreds of different objects. The goal is to be accessible to as many surfaces as possible, so complicated designs can be a bit problematic to print.

A label and logo that clients can see, immediately understand and can identify during their daily routine is essential for the growth and expansion of a company. Keep these factors in mind since they should become valuable goals for you. You can also easily hire a designer to put into paper these same principles, along with your ideas.

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