Bedbug on a gray surfaceDespite being common household pests, bedbugs remain to be wildly mysterious to many. A lot of people, for instance, don’t know that these pests have a hundred bacteria species in and on their bodies. Or, you probably aren’t aware that these gross bugs prefer specific colors as hiding places—which might give you a clue on how to kill them when you get the services of a professional exterminator in Attleboro, MA.

Bedbugs’ Favorite Colors

Researchers from the University of Florida found that bedbugs prefer black and red colors, and tend to get away from green and yellow. Apparently, colors and other visual cues enable survival. The pests use such to know where to hide and feed, how to select mates, which places to lay eggs, and more. So how did the scientists come to this color preference conclusion?

The researchers positioned different paper tents that come in different hues in a Petri dish. Placing the bedbugs in the middle of the dish, they allowed the insects to choose among the paper tents. The bugs observed are at different life stages, sexes, and levels of nutrition. While the preference changed depending on these characteristics, red and black emerged as the top choice across the board.

Killing Hard-to-Kill Pests

The information can be helpful in improving traps for bedbugs, according to the scientists. You would also know which places in your home could be most infested. It’s still important though to ask the help of professionals in solving the problem. Rarely do DIY treatments work, and if they do, recurrence of the problem is more likely. That’s because effective treatments done by professional exterminators require a mix of chemical methods and heat strategies only experts can accomplish.

Chemical methods should consider the kind of pesticides, the method of spraying, and the duration of treatment. This is because bedbugs have built-in pesticide-destroying characteristics that allow them to be immune to chemical treatments. Heat methods, on the other hand, require strict safety precautions and specialized equipment.

As it turns out, bedbugs have favorite colors. Is your room or luggage a preferred breeding ground of these pests?

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