One of the most efficient ways to attract customers and draw attention to your business is to set up custom NYC storefronts signs. An effective signage considers the point of view of the pedestrian and the scale of the building. Adding signs, however, isn’t as simple as choosing a design that matches your business logo or branding. In New York City, you need to understand district regulations and rules on decorating storefronts. Any mistakes can lead to sanctions and costly penalty fees.

custom signs

Types of Signage

In New York, you’ll find a range of custom NYC signs and awnings. Depending on your requirements, business experts, including the NYC Government, Valle Signs & Awnings Inc., and recommend choosing a sign that benefits both your business and customers.

Here are some of them:

  • Painted Glass
  • Painted Plywood Sign
  • Punched Metal Signboard
  • Metal Lettering and Logo
  • Metal Signband

District Restrictions

Before planning a design, you need to know which district your business belongs to. Districts C1 and C2 prohibit signs higher than twenty-five feet above the level of the curb while district C4 stretches this limit to forty feet. Businesses in C1 and C2 districts can’t extend their signs into the residential section of a mixed-use building. Furthermore, the overall square footage of the sign shouldn’t be greater than 150 square feet. It also shouldn’t be more than thrice the size of the street frontage of the establishment on the ground floor. C4 district, on the other hand, limits the total size of signage to no greater than 500 square feet.

Building Code

When setting up signs, marquees, awnings, and flagpoles, you need to get permits from the Department of Buildings, unless the signage is smaller than six square feet. You also don’t need a permit when you’re just going to paint the sign on the building directly. For illuminated signage, make sure you’re not placing them in restricted areas. Additionally, you can’t set up a ground sign that goes over the street line.

Let your business stand out with creative and effective signs. When you don’t know the right signage to use, think about consulting experts who can make sure your signs conform with city rules.

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