Modern HomeIf you’ve moved to a new home and found a dome-shaped excavation at the foot of the wall outside your house, chances are it’s a window well. Read on to learn the basics of this home feature.

What’s a Window Well?

A window well is an opening on the ground next to a basement wall, designed to allow light inside the underground structure. Window well covers, which are attached to the wall of the house, keep it secure and effectively block dirt, leaves, snow and other outdoor debris from entering the basement.

What Does It Do?

Window wells prevent water damage to the window frames, allow light inside the basement, and depending on your area’s building code, also serve as an exit right from the basement in case of an emergency. Often, window wells are installed when a homeowner requires the basement to have windows to allow some form of illumination and air circulation within the space. The window well does this job and serves as an exit from the basement in case of an emergency.

What’s the Best Way to Maintain It?

Because the well is dug out from the ground, it’s impossible to avoid gravel, dirt, soil, leaves and even snow to accumulate in it due to its shape. Ideally, a well cover must be installed to keep any of the aforementioned pollutants from accumulating in the well and even entering the basement premises. With a cover, you can protect your window well and ensure that no water pools in it.

Some homes install this type of feature as it allows more flexibility when it comes to the use of the basement space. If you have one for your basement, best to keep it well maintained as it’s very useful and practical equipment for your home.

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