Woman holding her clear bracesAlready 35 and still planning to have clear braces? Well, you are not alone.

Redwood Orthodontics, a reputable orthodontic expert in South Jordan, knows that clear braces for adults have risen in popularity in the past years as more and more adults seek for orthodontic relief. The American Association for Orthodontists recommends orthodontic care as early as possible, but complete orthodontics still matters at any age since the benefits are for a lifetime.

Improving the Way You Smile

Improving how your smile appears and functions minus those metal braces is definitely outlook-changing. Smiling becomes an easier thing to do. One convenient fact about clear braces is that you can remove them when you eat or when you clean your mouth and teeth. This gives the user a far-reaching control of the braces, not delimiting movement and some activities that metal braces cause.

Straightening Your Teeth

Of course, braces’ main function is to straighten teeth. With straighter teeth, oral health is improved. Well-formed teeth ensure proper functioning as food residues will not get stuck in between misaligned teeth. Eventually, bacteria will not proliferate, and plaque acids will not be produced. Additionally, inflammation of the gums is avoided as well as other periodontal diseases that can affect the entire mouth.

Decreasing Traumatic Wear

When teeth are not fitting together as they grow, the wear and tear of grinding can damage them, including the gumline. The breaks and chips often seen in teeth are outcomes of such grinding. In the gumline, the wear becomes obvious as the gum tissues are no longer cleanly attached to the enamel. More so, teeth that are not aligned can put pressure on the jaws, which may lead to uncomfortable or painful eating.

With well-aligned teeth, one can expect eating that is sustainably aided by healthy grinding of food, overall oral health that is in tip-top shape, and a smile that is winsome and ever-confident. Get your clear braces now no matter how old you are.

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