Farmer holding a wheelbarrow with vegetablesFarmers in Australia have become more mobile when running their farms, thanks to the greater use of the Internet of Things (IoT).

For instance, IoT technology helps them keep track of better ways for sustainable irrigation. Water conservation has been a significant concern in the country, amid the current drought situation.

Mobilising Operations

Many farmers now use IoT devices, such as laptops or smartphones, to monitor irrigation systems in real time. This allows them to make strategic adjustments for better performance. Another way to improve their system requires the right selection of water spray tanks for sale.

All pertinent data are stored on their mobile devices through a virtual platform that’s linked on a software app. With just a few clicks, farmers could control the water pressure, pivot speed, and direction. They could even start or shut down the system by just using the same app. While IoT already forms part of their daily operations, the technology is more prominent among farmers in the eastern coast.

Regional Drought

New South Wales and Queensland farmers arguably encounter severely dry weather more than any other part of the country. Drought assistance poured in for farmers in these states, although some economists believe that it could be detrimental for the coping mechanism of agribusinesses for the long-term impact of climate change.

Still, one reason for supporting them should focus on the greater need for food production not only in Australia, but also worldwide. The United Nations said that a higher rate of production by around 70% would be necessary for 2050 when the demand for food will be driven by a 9.7 billion population.

Australian farmers should consider new ways to improve the productivity of their operations, whether it involves modern technology or new equipment. These investments should focus on using water more efficiently, due to the current dry spell.

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