Two seniors in a retirement homeIf you love where you live and can’t imagine yourself anywhere else, especially a retirement home, start considering ways to adapt your home and make it as functional and comfortable as possible even when the old age sets in. Here are some ways to make your home senior-friendly.

Make Bathrooms Safer

Statistics show that bathroom slips and falls are the top causes of injuries in seniors, so it only makes sense to get started in the bathroom. Installing some safety features can immediately reduce the likelihood of getting injured in your twilight years. You can start by applying some anti-slip tapes around and installing handrails. You may even consider upgrading to portable bathtubs especially designed for seniors, suggests Heavenly Walk In Tubs, as most falls happen while going in and out of the tub or shower.

Transfer Essential Items and Storage Locations

Start picturing yourself a few decades from now and use that as inspiration on how to redo the layout of your home. Relocate your bedroom and other areas you frequent like a home office in the ground level so you won’t need to go upstairs as often. Transfer the storage units of your possessions on the floor or tabletop instead of keeping them overhead. This way, you won’t be straining to get something overhead or worse, climbs a ladder to get to something.

Remove Hazards

Start disposing of, donating or selling your excesses and other possessions that you don’t often used to reduce the clutter in your home. The less clutter you have, the fewer hazards to safety in your home. Remove area rugs, as they often become trip hazards. Start rearranging your furniture to allow a wide path to accommodate a wheelchair or walker and plan for the easiest and logical flow around the house.

Getting started with these few guidelines will make sure you grow into and grow old in your own home preserving your independence and way of life.

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