Businesses have to keep track of their employees and all their information for salary, tax, and insurance purposes. Before computers, all of this information was tracked and stored manually. With developments in technology and expansion of companies, computers and software programs helped to automate many basic functions such as payroll and accounting systems. Governments also require compliance with health and safety programs in the workplace, making it necessary to track even more information.

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The Human Resources Department in any company has to stay informed of all the changes in labour laws and other requirements by government agencies. Many software packages help in tracking employee information, their medical information and other essentials. Staff training programs are part of this package and many organizations have chosen to do well-planned online inductions for new employees. Manual systems are not as efficient and can be costly.

How integrating induction programs benefits companies

  • Effective online induction programs allow organisations to fulfil occupational safety and health regulations and ensure employee safety easily. Online systems make it easier to track and demonstrate that all employees are up-to-date on safety programs.
  • Records are updated regularly and shared with different departments for streamlined communications.
  • Younger employees are positive towards online induction processes. Imaginative training sessions can be developed and offered online to remember information easily and draw employees back for new learning modules.
  • Updates and other important messages from managers and supervisors are also usually included in induction programs. With this, employees – new and old — are made aware of company structure and culture.
  • In risky industries like construction and oil and gas, identifying staff members who are available after going through their induction and their training progress are tracked.
  • Offering online inductions enables new hires to complete their training online from remote location and be ready to take on their new roles as soon as possible.

A good induction program helps employees feel more equipped to do a good job. It also convinces customers that a particular organisation is employing the latest technology to manage their business and staffing needs well.

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