Many interior designers introduce design plans to create a setting that’ll bring homeowners closer to nature. One example is using anything related to animals. If you’re planning to do the same, here are some decoration ideas you can use:

Faux Head

Faux deer, lion, and zebra heads are usually made of resin and papier-mâché. This trend started when hunters started displaying heads of animals on the wall as a sign of their hunting skills. Since it often has a negative image and not everyone is a hunter, suppliers like Deer Head Den and home furnishing shops like IKEA offer imitation products instead.

Faux animal skin designs

Animal Print

Use household items like carpets, curtains, pillows, and upholstery with animal prints and designs. Manufacturers produce these by dyeing and printing patterns on cloth or by using actual animal skin, which is more costly.

Figurines and Paintings

Animal figurines made of ceramic and plastic are ideal collectibles, as homeowners can display these on a shelf or other parts of the house. Oil canvas paintings, pastel, and other types of painting mediums are also good options if you want a flat wall decoration.

These are only some of the animal materials you can use at home. Whether you choose animal prints, figurines, paintings, or faux deer head decorations, make sure to buy from trusted home design stores.

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