Man wearing a black cowboy hatWhen it comes to men’s wardrobe, the essentials — white sneakers, Oxford brogues, navy blazer, and a dress watch — should be present. They are timeless style companions that can be used on many different occasions. Before anything else, you may want to complete the style arsenal with a headwear: a hat.

A hat is one of the style essentials that every man must have. Some forego it, however, thinking that it will be difficult to pull off. If you’re looking for some ways to look your best with a hat, here are some pointers that you may want to keep in mind:

Mind the occasion

It may not be obvious, but a hat should suit the occasion, even if you’re simply wearing it before you get inside the event itself. For one, an occasion that requires you to be dressy may call for a hat with fine material, such as felt or velvet. For outdoor weddings, A.A. Callister recommends going for a lax yet stylish material, like that straw cowboy hat you saw for sale.

Be eclectic

If the occasion is not that strict, you can always wear whatever floats your boat. This is the ideal time to be funky and eclectic (and yet stylish). If you’re dressing casually but smartly, you may want to complement your loafers, cuffed dress pants, and an oxford shirt with a straw cowboy hat.

Get the right hairstyle

A hat covers your locks but still manages to make you look good. To give your style an element of surprise, you should get the right haircut — the type that can somehow withstand the pressure inside your hat. A handsome hairstyle will amaze your onlookers the moment you get the hat off your head.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when wearing a hat. Look for inspirations on lookbooks and style magazines.


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