Child holding his toothAccording to the CDC, 20% of children who are 5 to 11 years old suffer from tooth decay. When neglected, tooth decay can cause pain and infections, which can hinder speaking and eating. The good news is that tooth decay can be prevented. You will only need to know its probable causes to avoid it. These strategies can help you prevent cavities and ensure good oral health in your child:

1. Visit a Dentist Regularly

A regular visit to a kid’s dentist in Cottonwood Heights is imperative to your child’s dental health. A pediatric dentist will check early signs of tooth decay and recommend the best strategy for taking care of your young one’s teeth. Make sure to find a qualified and certified dentist for the best results.

2. Healthy Eating

The food you give your child can cause tooth decay. Limit the amount of sugar that your child consumes every day. Replace sugary treats with healthy snacks, too. There are many ways to reduce the daily sugar intake. Besides, you can always seek expert advice from a pediatric dentist.

3. Educate Children

One of the best ways to ensure good oral health in children is by educating them about better dental practices. Teach your kids to brush before they go to bed and after waking up. Discourage them from consuming sugary food, too. Make oral hygiene a family issue, and your kids will soon follow suit.

Tooth decay can cause pain and a loss of self-esteem. These issues can not only hinder the way your child communicates but also affect their school performance. When you follow the tips above, you can help your kid avoid the problems that come with tooth decay.

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