Computers have become necessary over the years. Be it for finishing a business proposal or watching a movie on a lazy day, people rely on computers. But not everyone knows their way around these devices, and sometimes, it causes a lot of confusion, which is why there are many video tutorials online. Here are some tips you should consider when you plan on sharing your tech prowess on video hosting sites like YouTube.



It’s easier to have a commentary while you show a video of what you’re doing at the same time. Download the full version of Cam Studio for free or any other screen recording software to get you started. This will record all your activity in a video, making it easier to show your work.


Edit the clip and add your commentary. Make sure everything is detailed and shown at a reasonable pace for the convenience of the novice audience. Label it properly and use tags so people can find it more easily.


Take it to social media. While YouTube will most likely get you some audience, it’s faster if you’ll share it on major social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can monetize the video if you wish for some extra income as a reward for sharing your knowledge online.

Video tutorials are very helpful for many to fix some technical issues. When you’re planning on sharing what you know online, keep these things in mind for quality tutorial videos.