Preserving ProduceIf only the seasons would even out and allow you to harvest fresh produce during the winter season, then people would be enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables all year round. Though the changing of the season is beyond human control, you can still enjoy fruits and vegetables that grew during the summer with these simple methods:

  1. Freezing

Freezing is one of the most basic methods to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Although not all types of fresh produce are suitable for this method, you would be able to enjoy frozen berries and cherries for a quick snack during the winter season. noted that this is the most common method of preservation since it requires little preparation. All you need is a fresh produce, a plastic, and a freezer, then you are good to go.

  1. Canning

By placing food (raw or pre-cooked) in sterile and airtight glass mason jars, you can extend the shelf life of some food up to a year. However, not all types of fruits and vegetables are suitable for this method.

  1. Drying

Drying is one of the oldest preservation methods. You can make your own dried produce as well and enjoy it even if it is not in season. A commercial dehydrator is an ideal device when drying vegetables. Fruits can both be sun-dried or machine dried. All you need is to bask the fruit under the scorching summer sun for 3 to 4 days.

  1. Fermenting

Korea’s kimchi is a good example of fermented food. By soaking your produce in vinegar or in alcohol, you are preventing bacteria and mold from growing. This method prevents spoilage because of higher lactic acid content. This type of acid is also good for digestion.

With these simple methods, lesser produce will be spoiled because more can be enjoyed even until winter.

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