Jewelry storeShiny objects are attractive. Expensive shiny objects are even more attractive –  especially for burglars.

The jewelry industry is worth hundreds of millions. That’s what makes jewelry stores prone to burglary. In a 2017 report, Jeweler’s Security Alliance recorded 1,394 crimes committed against jewelry firms in the US. This resulted in a loss of $72.1 million.

If you are an owner of a jewelry store, ensure the safety of your business by taking extra security measures.

Entrance Restriction

Check all possible entrance points, including the roof. If your store is located in Salt Lake City, there are experts not only in roof leak repair but roof security. Secure fire exits and roof access ladders.

Windows and doors should be made with unbreakable materials like polycarbonate. Opt for heavy duty doors that are digitally accessible, as well.

Moreover, control entrance to authorized areas by installing radio frequency identification system or biometrics security. If possible, put up a fence that surrounds the perimeter of your store.

Additional Security System

The entirety of your property should be protected by security cameras. Hire someone to monitor all activities recorded by security cameras, day and night. Be more cautious by investing in a high-end alarm system. Choose from either thermal sensor or motion sensor devices.

You cannot completely rely on technology, though. Think of hiring professional security guards to deter burglars and do regular rounds. In addition, consider getting trained guard dogs. They don’t only alert you to the presence of intruders, they also protect you from possible assailants.

During the night, ensure that your store is well-lit. Burglaries tend to occur in the dark of night. Additionally, during closed hours, cash should be stored in a safe. If you can, lock away all the jewelry pieces, too. In doing so, you add more protection to valuable items.

Layers and layers of security can be costly. But it ’s better than putting your business at risk of a break-in. Prevent major profit loss by investing in security measures. This way, you not only protect your hard-earned money, but you also protect your legacy.

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