Wheel alignmentThe more you use your vehicle, the more you subject it to wear and tear. Moving parts, like those in your vehicle’s suspension, are the most prone to damage. If your car feels like it isn’t moving in the right direction or if you think it drift on its own, then maybe it’s time for a wheel alignment.

A wheel alignment is an adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension, ensuring that the car’s suspension is perpendicular to the road. Car services here in Clearfield are available to perform this job for you. And while it may sound like a wheel alignment only affects your vehicle’s wheels, its benefits go beyond that.

Saving Your Tires, Fuel, and Money

Unaligned wheels will cause uneven tire pressure. This causes the tires to push against each other. When this happens, your car experiences uneven friction and a lot more resistant from the road surface.

This means that your car will have to work doubly hard to correct this, causing it to use up more fuel at a faster rate. The uneven pressure also lessens your tires’ lifespan. Less resistance will alleviate the strain on your tires, allowing them to last much longer.

Sparing You from Issues with Safety and Performance

Improper wheel alignment not only affects your vehicle’s performance but your safety as well. An improper suspension can jeopardize your brake shaft, which can affect your steering. This translates to your car swerving on its own.

Improper wheel alignment can also affect the grip of your car’s tires, especially on wet or rainy roads.

Car experts recommend regular wheel alignments once every 6,000 miles or every six months – whichever comes first. However, if you feel that your car veers in a different direction while pointing the steering wheel forward, or if you hit a pothole large enough to affect the suspension, it may be best to bring it in for a wheel alignment right away.

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