Sheet of Metal in a MachineMetal fabrication often results in scratched surfaces and fairly rough edges. Even originally smooth surfaces may end up rough or even because of weather elements, rust, or other external conditions. For this reason, surface finishing is an advisable solution for smoothening of scratched surfaces and removing unwanted coatings on iron and steel.

Altering the Surface Texture

One of the most common ways of smoothening a rough surface is through abrasive blasting. It uses the sandblasting technique which blasts a high-pressure liquid against the surface. Sandblasting may also be used to remove unwanted surface coatings. As such, the technique is an efficient way of altering rough metal surfaces or improving the appearance of aged metal surfaces.

Magnetic Polishing of Metal Surfaces

Magnetic polishing is a method typically used when there is a need for an almost frictionless surface. It is advisable for deep holes, pockets, and interior chambers that need to be smooth but that are difficult to reach by hand. In this method, you place the metal parts in a box or chamber filled with magnetized particles. These particles effectively polish interior surfaces, no matter how hard to reach they are.

Filing of Surface Edges

Perhaps the most common method used in surface finishing is the filing of surface edges. Files, usually made of steel and with a series of parallel grooves, can aggressively and effectively shape your metal surface. This type of surface finishing tool is versatile and easy to use. It makes way for precision and flexibility.

Surface finishing is not just an option for smoother surfaces, though. Through high-quality surface finishing, manufacturers are able to create greater value for their products. After all, a well-finished product typically cost more than a plain object with average surface finishing. On a related note, the aesthetic value of a well-finished surface does wonders even to the plainest product.

Surface finishing, therefore, is an all-around solution for manufacturers.

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