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Energy Efficiency for your Home

Going Green: No Brainer Eco-Friendly Changes For Your Home

People have both seen and felt the effects of nature breaking down so preserving the environment has been the trend for years now. More and more eco-friendly options have appeared in the domestic and residentia...

3 Elements That Make a Garden Design Good

  • October 18, 2018
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Good gardens are easy to look at but difficult to pull off. There’s a lot of planning involved, other than choosing the right plants for the space. So, when starting your own, keep an eye on the following ele...


3 Top Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Garden

A healthy garden can give any homeowner a sense of fulfillment. It is not achieved in a single day or week; it is usually a work in progress that has started several months before. And blooming flowers provide ...


How Much is The Typical Cost of Home Renovations in the U.S.?

U.S. homeowners typically spend $10,390 to renovate or repair their houses, although the typical price ranges between $4,000 and $17,525. Those who are planning to sell their property would need to consider upg...


4 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Outdoor Areas

A lot of homeowners are too focused on how the interiors of their home look that they tend to forget that their outdoors is just as important. The outer areas of your house are still living spaces. This means...

Air conditioner from house exterior

How Set Is Your System for the Coming Warm Weather?

When it comes to AC maintenance, proactive always beats reactive. Whangamata is predictively warm between December and March, so you a reason to prepare for this season. As soon as the warm weather ends, you sh...

Interior of tidy room

Want to Declutter Your Home? Here are 3 Tips

Simplicity makes cleaning and organising a home easier. Living with less, however, might be easier said than done for those who find themselves with too many possessions, some they do not even know how to get r...


Choosing the Right Storm Door to Protect Your Home

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recommends installing storm doors to protect homes from the elements. The U.S. Department of Energy, on the other hand, recommends it for energy-saving purposes...