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Your Quick Guide to a Hassle-Free DIY House Move

Moving into a new home doesn’t have to be too stressful. And yes — you could even do it by yourself! Just follow the steps in this quick guide, and you’re off to a successful, cost-effective and definitel...


Make Money in the Property Market — Here Are 2 Ways You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

An increasing population and an economy that is on the upswing creates a growing demand in the property market. People are looking to take advantage of the favourable market and affordable rates to realise thei...


Country Homes Charming Elements

Typically, a country style house is laid back and cosy, with a covered veranda, cross-gabled roof and well-proportioned facade. It combines vernacular and borrowed architecture especially Colonial and Victorian...


Tackling the Final Stretch: Conveyance to Close Household Sales

No object is more daunting to sell than a house. Many people attach a significant emotional value to their homes, which is why the market needs its unattached professionals facilitating sales. An unbiased pair ...

Carpet Installation

Things to Know About Carpet Stretching for Your Home

When installing carpeting in your home, you would call in professionals or may have done it yourself. During your spring cleaning, taking out the carpet and thoroughly cleaning the floors is important and cruci...

Money Shaped into a House

Increasing Your Home Equity

Home equity is an important subject in mortgage and refinancing. Your loan contracts dedicate several provisions to clearly define the value of home equities. These are valuable assets used to secure the loan a...