Metal in UKManufacturing companies for machines and equipment utilise various processes to create parts and components essential for putting their products together. One of these more popular processes is called metal spinning, which has been around since ancient times. In this modern era, current technology has improved metal spinning extensively and has, in turn, produced the following benefits.

Retention of Detail and Character

Back then, parts were mostly made by hand, and each part was unique, in a way, and had a certain character to them. However, since consistency can be sacrificed with this approach, technologically advanced metal spinning machines can follow the minutest detail that’s programmed into it. This results in a higher level of consistency and uniformity with all similarly manufactured parts.


Manufacturing a whole part of a machine with just one piece of material maintains its strength better than those that are made of smaller components of the same material. Though this may be difficult using hand tools, digitally-controlled metal spinners can handle this efficiently, Winward Engineering LTD says. Also, metal spinning with more durable, albeit harder, materials are now possible in the UK. You can now even replace old parts with newer parts made out of sturdier and longer-lasting materials.

Uniqueness of Process

Metal spinning may be a process that has long been used in the manufacturing industry but it still remains essential to this day. This is especially true when a certain mechanical part is no longer available in the market, either because it’s an old model or the company has already discontinued the said product line. Having metal spinning to recreate an unavailable part is vital for restoring old gear, machines, electrical equipment and even vehicles.

Even with more modern processes being introduced, such as stamping and casting, metal spinning continues to be thriving manufacturing method today. As long as restoration of old machines and industrial creations still exist, metal spinning will always be needed. However, do research extensively on which metal spinning establishments can deliver what you need efficiently and within an affordable price range.

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