Two dental associates holding a teeth moldThe introduction of 3D printing has revolutionized a lot of industries, one of which is related to putting beautiful smiles back to people who have dental problems. The introduction of 3D printing for dentistry not only made people smile, it also made life easier for dentists and orthodontists. Here’s why:

Lower Operational Cost

During the pre-3D printer era, dentists and orthodontics who had invested hard-earned money know that building an in-house dental laboratory could easily cost around $50,000. And that’s just part of the startup expenses. How about the cost to produce dental implants, dentures, and other products, as well as the salaries of your staff, which comprises your yearly operational cost?

The one-time cost you have to shell out is for a 3D printer, which usually includes an ample amount of special 3D printing materials. Overall, it would cost you around $20,000. The additional operational cost would include a trained staff who will operate the 3D printer as well as purchase additional special 3D printing materials.


Using the latest dental scanning technology and getting a replica of the patient’s dental condition has never been this easy. Afterward, printing the needed model, implant, or denture with the help of a 3D printer offers greater accuracy. Now, patients can say goodbye to gooey clay that turn into hardened molds.

Faster Turnaround

Dental and orthopedic replacements are not just accurate; it also made the turnaround time much faster. Making dental models manually were time-consuming and that’s a fact any dentist and orthodontic can attest. With the help of a 3D printer, you can print multiple models simultaneously so you can save on time and materials.

More Patients

Many people who have dental problems often elect not to undergo dental procedures simply because they lack time. Now, with the introduction of the 3D technology, implants and dentures are done quickly. After just a couple of days, dental patients can go to work or school with a big smile on their face. As a result, more people now choose to undergo dental procedure rather than enduring the pain.

By acquiring a 3D printer specially designed for dentistry, you can help bring more smiles to a lot of people. It’s actually a great investment, as it costs way cheaper than traditional dental labs yet it gives you more patients.

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