a facelift conceptFacelifts are among the most popular types of facial surgery in the U.S. However, the idea of it comes with some misconceptions, especially with regard to its uses and benefits. Allurebh.com debunks some myths surrounding facelifts:

Misconception #1: Facelifts are only for women

Yes, more women undergo plastic surgery, but nowadays, more and more men in Beverly Hills also decide to undergo cosmetic procedures, particularly facial treatments. Men’s skin has also proved to have prominent superficial veins, which hasten the healing process after they undergo surgery.

Misconception #2: How old you are matters

Most men and women who undergo facial surgery to look younger are in their 50s to 70s. But many members of the younger population are also now obsessing over facial treatments and procedures like Botox to look more youthful even before they start to age. Experts note that when the application is early, the better the outcome you can expect since you will not have to invest much in such treatments in your later years.

Misconception #3: You will not have real results

Many people have been made to believe wrong information about plastic surgeries that others publish online. Well, maybe the cases in point are of those that consulted incompetent facial plastic surgeons. But the fact is that reliable surgeons can modify facelift surgeries to suit different skin types to address varying complications.

For a long time now, there has been the above three misconceptions about facelifts, but it is time you rise above them to get the most out of your treatment. If you want to get rid of the slack skin around your neck or the fatty flesh below your chin, contact a licensed facelift surgeon to help you regain your youthful look.

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