Disc Jockey at the TurntableMusic festivals are a hot trend in the last decade, with over 800 festivals being held every year. But there’s a good chance that you won’t be able to go to even one of them because it won’t be realistic, in a financial sense.

So, what’s a good girl to do when she misses festivals? Throw her own music festival-themed party. Quit moping over ditching Coachella and take a look at this guide in throwing a music festival-themed party — on a budget:

Light your space up

If you’re looking at having your party at night, a good, inexpensive lighting choice would be string lights. Not just affordable, they also create that perfect music-festival mood, giving that twinkle and allure in the space.

You may put them at the perimeters of your yard to make the entire area glow up, or you can just use them to accentuate certain spots, such as tents, trees, or tables. Consider party rentals in Minneapolis to get extra savings on your budget.

Decorate with hand-dyed sheets

This is one of the cheapest decors that would instantly give your party the music festival vibes. Plus, you won’t ever go wrong here, as it’s essentially impossible to tie-dye incorrectly.

Be sure to choose colors that will match the overall palette of your party. For the sheets, local thrift stores offer cheap linens that are still of good quality. After dyeing, hang them on clothes lines in your yard.

Don’t forget the music, of course!

This is a music festival–themed party, so your music must be the bomb. While there’s always that option to hire a DJ, you can save more when you yourself put together the playlist.

Plus, wouldn’t it be awesome to be a DJ for a night? Take a cue from Spotify playlists or make that easy Google search for the setlist from your favorite music festival.

Try these tips to create that perfect music festival–themed party. It’s a guarantee; you won’t ever have to cry over the Coachella you missed.

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