Permanent Resident Card Getting that green card through marriage could be a long and hard process, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Avoiding these common mistakes when applying could help make sure that you get the outcome you’re looking for.

Waiting too long to apply.

You must apply for your green card as early as possible following your wedding. Otherwise, you would have to wait longer to receive benefits that you would be legally entitled to and the longer you’d have to wait for naturalization.

Failing to be honest and thorough.

If your immigration officer caught you lying because you were dishonest or provided insufficient information in your application, he or she might doubt your claim’s legitimacy. According to a renowned immigration lawyer in Utah, in marriage or family based green card cases, you have to prove beyond a doubt that you have a bona fide, legal marriage. Your case would be denied if your immigration officer feels or proves that something’s off.

Not providing sufficient paperwork.

To help support your marriage’s validity, you would have to submit relevant documentation. Collect as many relevant documents as possible so your immigration officer could see that your marriage is genuine.

Not going to immigration appointments.

If your immigration officer schedules an appearance at a time and/or date, but you simply can’t attend, you could request to reschedule your appearance at a time and date that’s suitable for you, considering that your reason for not attending would be considered valid or reasonable by your immigration officer.

Coming in unprepared for interviews.

Ideally, you should have some idea of what you’ll be asked during your interview so you could come fully prepared and answer the immigration officer’s questions accurately and correctly. Appearing unprepared, nervous, or anxious could communicate to your officer that you’re hiding something or not telling the truth.

Don’t let these mistakes get in the way of you obtaining that green card. Consider getting help from an experienced immigration lawyer so that you could get practical advice and tips regarding the application process and help increase your chances of getting your green card and living with your beloved spouse in the U.S.

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