Smiling KidsApart from having a good pediatric dentist here in Louisville, when you have small children, it is important to teach them life-long habits that will keep their pearly whites healthy. Here are some ways parents can help teach their kids to fight and prevent cavities.

Start a proper brushing routine

More often than not, children respond well when taught simple routines. But apart from simply creating a routine for brushing, ensure that your kids know how to brush their teeth properly. It is always advisable to teach them the right way from the start and supervise them until it becomes a routine.

This way, they do not have to change the way their brush abruptly, unless specified by the pediatric dentist for specific reasons (i.e. braces).

Limit their sugar intake

You do not have to tell your children that sugar is the enemy (even though it is). But you need to inform them about the things sugar can do to their teeth and their health. This way, they would understand why you are limiting their sugar intake.

When they understand that reason, they will see it as a good thing instead of thinking you are depriving them of one of life’s – and their childhood’s – greatest joy!

Start dental appointments early

You would be surprised how many adults are still afraid of going to the dentists. If you do not want your kids to suffer the same fears, introduce them to dentists early and create a working relationship that could turn into life-long friendships.

The key is not to paint dental appointments as chores, rather, a play date with someone who helps keep their teeth healthy.

Safeguarding Your Kids’ Teeth

When it comes to ensuring that your kids will enjoy a good set of teeth and good dental habits for life, you need to be a role model yourself. And if you do, remember these tips to help your family enjoy great smiles.

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